Mural Details and Pricing

Pricing a mural is a little tricky sometimes. There are various factors to take into consideration, size, texture of the wall as well as the detail of the picture to be painted. These all add to the hours needed to paint a mural and so the cost varies.

Generally a residential mural costs anywhere from $400 - $700 per wall depending on the complexity of the picture. A whole room can be anywhere from $1000 - $3000 depending on the size of the room and complexity of the picture.

Sometimes if a project is small and I can be in and out in a day or two I will do it for as low as $200, but it does depend on the time it will take.

Ideas, sketches and Quotes:

I will be happy to give you a free consultation to discuss the project as well as to go over any ideas you may have. Once we've come up with an idea that works for both of us, I sketch up those ideas so you can visualize it. At this stage we can go back and forth on the sketch until I get it just the way you like it.

Then I will provide you with a quote for the project. If you have a tight budget or a very definite idea of how much you'd like to spend on your mural please let me know before I put together the sketch so I can keep the ideas within your budget.

Please note that once a design is agreed on and a quote is given, any changes you request to the design after this will reflect in the final price.

Quick Quote:

If you would just like a quick quote, please email me a picture of the wall you want painted and an idea of what you want painted, either a sample of something you like or just a general description and I will email you back a basic quote (this may change as details are added to the design, but I do try to stick to my original quote as much as possible).


In order for me to fit painting your mural into my schedule I will need to reserve a date on the calendar. This may be a few weeks or even months in the future. If you need your project done urgently, it may be possible to fit it in sooner, but not always.


A $100 deposit is required to book a date for your project. If given a least 10 days notice I will refund this to you, however a refund is not available for last minute cancellations or delays.


This may seem obvious to most but it's amazing how often this is an issue. I need access to a wall in order to paint it. I need to be able to enter the building, the room needs to be available and any very heavy furniture needs to be moved beforehand. I can help with moving smaller furniture items.

A room doesn't have to be bare of furniture, but I need several feet of clear space in front of a wall to lay down plastic, set up ladders, move around, etc.

If big delays are caused due to any of these issues, either your scheduled time may be lost or it will reflect in the final cost.