Art on Canvas for Children

I wanted to share my latest joy with you….painting for children on canvas!

I’m trying to figure out why I love it so much, but I think it’s just feeling connected to my art in a new way. I’ve been illustrating for children for eons, but it all took place on the computer, and I guess that kind of removes you a little as you don’t touch and feel what you are doing.

I’m just having so much fun bringing ideas to life on canvas and there are so many ideas and so many things to paint that I think the fun could go on forever.

Here are some of the paintings I’ve done recently.

They are available on Etsy here.





Blog Post #1

Birthday time has come and gone, for now anyway and we are all revving up for Christmas. All my kids have their birthdays within three months of each other and it seems we’ve covered all the bases as far as themes go.

We’ve had a Nerf party for my 12 year old, a Star Wars party for my 10 year old, a fairy party for my 7 year old and a cupcake party for my 3 year old.

Last week, my niece Alexa celebrated her third birthday with a great little princess themed party. The girls had all kinds of fun, crafty activities, games, etc.

My sister-in-law made awesome cake pops and I made a princess cake for the occasion.

We also had face painting and each of the girls was transformed into a princess.

Now on to some great Christmas fun!

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