Face Painting and Balloon twisting for Halloween

We love this time of year. It's the best time for face painting and we stay really busy! 

We're having a special on right now for $10 off on fall and halloween events, so book us today as this special wont last. 

Also, once again I will be painting at the Allen Outlet Mall on Halloween itself from 4-7pm. It's free to all, so if you need your face painted for an event, come on out and see me. 


Mural painting in Commercial spaces

This has been a fun year for me and very different in many ways. In the past, most of my murals were painted in residences for nurseries, kid’s playrooms and bedrooms and home offices. There were a few commercial murals each year, but for the most part it was residential.

Last year I painted murals in Safari Run in Plano and some Montessori schools.

This year however, it’s been one commercial mural after another. I have managed to fit in a few nurseries and kids bedrooms, but mostly it’s been pediatric clinics, schools, Montessori’s, new businesses, logos, etc. and I’ve really enjoyed it.

There is something fun I find, in doing work that I know will be enjoyed by many children. Often in the past after spending weeks painting a playroom for one small child, while I enjoyed it thoroughly, I would think how awesome it would be if hundreds of kids could enjoy the brightness, color and fun that murals can bring. So that wish is coming true this year.

If you would like some custom mural work done in your business or a logo or sign painted, do let me know and I’ll try to bring some of my magic and color to brighten your space. 






Some recent face painting fun

Trolls has been a big hit recently with little girls in particular and so I've added a few of them to my face painting repertoire and they've been a huge hit. Shopkins too. I need to try to get some more pictures, but I'll add the few I have. 



facepainting face painting trolls parties shopkins kids birthday party entertainment


New Nursery Art

I'm excited to share something new that I've been working on. I've been turning my etsy store into a download only store and it's mostly filled with nursery art. Later on I might add art for older kids, but this is the direction life is taking me at the moment and I'm having fun doing it.

It's fun for me mainly because I don't get much opportunity to work with watercolors in my other work and I really like it, so most of these are watercolors. 


Let me know what you think and definitely let me know of any suggestions or ideas.



Painted Kids Furniture

Ok, now this is not something I do a whole lot of. I would love to be able to paint a ton of furniture because it's something I love doing, but I have very limited access to our garage and so I have to keep my projects to a minimum. 

In our house, the garage is dad's territory and while I do get a corner of it to store my mural painting supplies, I can't take it over for art stuff. It's a compromise, but since my husband fixes all our cars and does all the household repairs, I can't really complain :D. 

So considering all that, I have painted a number of pieces and every now and then done some big projects. Here's a picture of some kids bedroom furniture I painted last year. This was for 2 brothers with different interests that shared a bedroom. The mum wanted one side of the room to be spiderman and the other side pokemon. So I tried to blend the two in a way that still looked good. 

Here is a good article on furniture painting how to's. He explains how it's done much better than me. My specialty is painting pictures on stuff.